skype help support


Are you having a problem with Skype?

If you do not find a solution to the problem in our Web site do not worry.

We provide technical support service to site visitors.

But before you contact technical support, please search in the site or vist Skype troubleshooting categorie,there are a lot of solutions to common problems users have.

Also visit the FAQ page there are a lot of questions and answers organized by topic.

Well, not find a solution too, you can contact technical support and we hope to provide the following information so we can help you quickly :

- The name of your operating system or device type.
- Version number of Skype.
- Accurate description of the problem and when do they occur.

You can contact technical support by clicking here.

We reply to requests for technical support in a period of 12-24 hours.

Will be communicating with you to resolve the problem via email.

Please, make sure to write your email correctly, you will not receive any response if  your email is wrong.

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