Skype problem with the iPhone 5 after iOS 6

iPhone 5/iOS 6 Issues

Our technical support received a lot of messages that talk about some problems for Skype on iPhone 5.

Our visitors talked  about many problems , such as:

- Skype freeze on iPhone 5 whenever i try to place a call.
- When I dial a land line number, it pulls the name from my iPhone contact list, then freezes completely.
- it freezes up and do not receive or send calls.
- I also have issues with IM and must sign out and back in to get it to work.

We would like to inform you that after iOS 6 upgrade Skype won’t complete calls anymore. Basically it doesn’t matter which iPhone you use. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5. The Skype software on iOS6 has incompatibility issues.

Now what is the solution available to this problem?

Delete Skype from iPhone 5 and re-installed from the app store,This solves some of the problems temporarily until the upgrade is available to resolve this problem fully.


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One Response to “Skype problem with the iPhone 5 after iOS 6”

  1. Manish says:

    iPhone is not a problem here.
    After the last to last skype update skype has become the worst app I have ever used. I use iPhone 4S and IOS5 and now iOs6.
    I have complained so many times but it seems like they don’t care

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