How to install skype extras manager?

Extras manager is installed by default when you install Skype, and to make sure install extras manager when you install Skype, follow these steps:

In the main screen to install the Skype press the Options button ,see the following picture :

install skype extras manager

Make sure you select the option : ” Install Skype Extras Manager “,Click I agree-install button to start the installation process.

see the following picture :

install skype extras manager

Through these options also can be disabled to install the browser toolbar from Skype.


Update – 19 June 2011

Skype Removed Skype Extras Manager from Skype Version No. 5.3, for more information, click here.


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8 Responses to “How to install skype extras manager?”

  1. randal says:

    Please note that Skype Extras Manager has been removed from the updated version of Skype 5.3 for Windows. Find out more:

  2. randal says:

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an older version of Skype. We advise against downgrading since with each new version a lot of problems are fixed. Skype recommends that you always use the most up-to-date version of the program.

    You can still find extras with version 5.1

    However, you may download older versions of Skype from websites that provide them, such as

    But please note that downloads from websites other than are not officially supported by Skype.

  3. skype help says:

    Hi randal ,

    We said this, if Skype has been updated, either manually from the user or automatically from the program will be disabled Skype Extras.

    Solution is available now re-install Skype again and downloaded from the link that we make it available.

    Thank you for your comment and noted.

  4. Justin says:

    I can’t download Skype Extras for Skype 5.5. Before I click “I agree-install” I click on the options and under those options I do not have th choice to select Skype Extras. Any solution as to why this is happening and is there a way around it?

  5. skype help says:

    Hi Justin,

    Skype removed Extras since version 5.3.

    Please see this article :

    How to use Extras Manager on Skype 5.3?

  6. hhzd says:

    can any one please tell tha link to download skype 5 extra manger !

  7. Every time I turn on my PC I get a message that Skype Extras Manager is checking for licenses. Then it says something else and wants to know if I want to send a report but when I say “yes” I don’t understand anything that follows.

    How can I get rid of this?

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