New Skype emoticons released with Skype 5.5

New Skype emoticons

Skype announced that new emoticons came with the latest version of Skype 5.5. There are seven new emoticons for Skype now.

There also two new hidden Skype emoticons. Do you know what they are? Try to search for them through the Skype emoticons website by clicking here.

Emoticons are important to many users of Skype, because sometimes it is difficult for words to describe human feelings.

Below are the seven new emoticons for Skype:

Here you will find new emoticons for Skype,that are only available in version 5.5. Some of these emoticons have more than one code, so you only need to copy one code to use them.


You can copy a code from a column and paste it in the chat box.

New Skype emoticons available only in Skype 5.5
Icon Code Name
Face palm (Facepalm)
(fail) Face palm
Working From Home (wfh) Working From Home
Fingers Crossed (fingers) (fingerscrossed)  (yn) Fingers Crossed
Tumbleweed (tumbleweed) Tumbleweed
Lalala (lalala) (lala)  (notlistening) Lalala
Waiting (waiting) (forever) (impatience) Waiting
Hi-five (highfive) (hifive) (h5) Hi-five


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123 Responses to “New Skype emoticons released with Skype 5.5”

  1. Emma says:

    Is there any way to get the old emotes back? These new ones are quite hideous and give my brain spasms of uncontrollable pain.

    • zigis says:

      Yeah, I have the exact same problem! The new faces are horrible!!! Pllleeease change them back.

      • lala says:

        Agree! Skype new emoticons are sooo ugly! Microsoft had to take over Skype to start making annoying, unnecessary changes..

        • v says:

          my skype just got updated. this new smilies are ugly =/
          please, return the old ones
          just asked couple friend about this new skype and they also very disappointed with this new change

          • ISSOFF says:

            Old skype emoticons are on of the best ever done. Very simple, but saying just what do you want to say. New emoticons are trash!!! Uck’em!!!!

  2. skype help says:

    You can get a full list of old emoticons by clicking here.

    • Jonathan says:

      I think the commenter was stating that the new design is creepy, which they are. The default smiley now looks like a sex offender.

    • Miguel says:

      I’m not sure if you have understood… The new graphics are horrible (truly disgusting), and there’s no way to use the old ones, or at least to see them. If I type “:)”, I’ll see the new truly horrible graphic.

    • Arnold says:

      Yes, but how do we change back to those old emoticons with skype version 5.5?

    • ISSOFF says:

      Uck it, going back to 3.8 right now

      • Zhong Qiyao says:

        I have been using 3.8 for a long time,
        forced to be upgraded to 6.3 last week, but
        has also switched back to back to 3.8 yesterday.

        Instead of supplying unwanted animated emoticons,
        Skype 6.3 also lost a lot of pre-listed emoticons,
        including (e)/(mail) and (o)/(clock).

        Skype still does not have fixed the “font” issue in the
        chat-typing area. Its font does not follow the user’s choice.


  3. n3m3z1z says:

    are there new eastereggs im skype 5.5? i am very interested in this ;)

  4. Theo says:

    I agree with the above two comments: Who came up with the new emotes design and, even more importantly, who the hell approved its release in v5.5? Both people need to get fired ASAP. I mean, WTF… even the plain old smiley looks like it’s on crack… geez, skype-people, com’on…

  5. hhahahah says:

    Just install an older version of skype … before 5.5 and old emoticons will be back :))

  6. Paul111 says:

    Bring back old smiles! New are horrible!

  7. briedux says:

    i demand old emotions. the new ones aren’t ugly or anything as people previously said. but i think everyone will agree with me, that they look stoned.

  8. Passed by says:

    I installed old skype 5.3 to get rid of the new smileys, but looking back at good-ol’ sane default smiley I can’t help thinking of degenerative look in new smileys’ eye >:O

  9. Tom says:

    I like the new ones. Dancing is fun! Looking for the easter egg ones too. :D


  10. Arthur says:

    New smileys look like shit. Developers are blind?

  11. Irene says:

    Old smileys were distinctively Skype and very nice. New smileys are completely ugly. My emotions are nothing like them. Change them back. Pleeeeeease.

  12. chaton says:

    oh, i hate a new skype smiles too :(( please give back old smiles plzzzzzzzz :((((

  13. Ulysses says:

    I had to disable them. Only other option would be poking my eyes out. Only if I could downgrade my skype without it automatically “upgrading” to newer version? Newer doesn’t mean better with skype anymore. I hope that unsatisfied people like me will speak up, so skype fixes its mistakes. All the new fluff and icon changing in new versions didn’t make it any better

  14. Michael Nesterenko says:

    Hey, this can be preposterous but I would never ever became a skype fan if it had such smiles in the past.

    New faces are nasty and disgusting….

  15. New smiley hater says:

    No really, the new looks like bunch of pedos trying to rape me.
    now i dont use smileys and if some 1 does i ask them to dont do it and they are like why? and im like dowload new skype and you will see, the do it and they dont use them.

  16. Fiz says:

    Please re-style the new nice emote with the old style and then go back!!
    There were absolutely no need to change.
    Just embarrassing….


  17. Hugo Alves says:

    I have the new emoticons as well. They show a diferent message than the old ones, totaly unapropriated and turns skype like into something we’re not used to, something hostile even. Jeez, how can a company do such a radical change without thinking twice??

  18. I like it a lot says:

    What is wrong with all you people. The new ones is very nice and much more fun. Get use to change. The ninja and dancing is so cool.

  19. Jackie says:

    I like the new smileys, at least the sticking tongue one doesn’t look like it’s licking itself anymore. Geez, people will find anything to complain about.

  20. Lusine says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, bring the emoticons back, I write from my friend’s name too, we don’t want to send emoticons anymore.
    Please bring the old ones back :).

  21. Ava says:

    I’m absolutely giddy over the new icons. Sorry other peeps don’t like it. Glad you can keep the older version active. But for me, I’m in love with the new icons. Thanks to whoever designed them!!

  22. alex says:

    Please, bring the old emoticons back. The new ones are not showing the normaly used message. For example, who is winking after every kiss… the old tmi was so cute and the new one is more like scared… dancig and ninja are the only ones that are ok. Please, bring the old emoticons back!

  23. Roman says:

    I liked previous ones. And the start-up window as well. I reinstalled the skype version of 5.3

  24. Sarah says:

    Just downgraded to the older version to get my lovely emotes back! Nearly puked everytime I saw the new ones. The (kiss) looks like a pig face! The old ones expressed what I wanted to say, and I was scared to use any emotes while using the new version because I’d get angry every time I saw them! Hope you change them back again in the next version, or I can never upgrade again. Sooooo disappointed with Skype right now!

  25. Aistis says:

    these new smiles are pedobear’s faces….

  26. Daniela says:

    Are you blind people? Are you mental ill? Pls, give the old icons back!

  27. Ilona says:

    I spent two hours trying to downgrade to my previous version to get rid of those ugly new emoticons and it doesn’t work! I download an older version,uninstall skype, clean PC, but after installing 5.3, I still get 5.5. How do you downgrade it?Please give us back the old emoticons!

  28. Retasd says:

    I’ve just disabled emoticons completely, so my eyes don’t hurt and I can keep the latest Skype version…

    Seriously… I wonder who made the decision to change them. Take a look at the old smiley, then the new one, then the old one again… repeat until reason emerges…

  29. Art. says:

    Disgusting smiles, untalented designers… Please change them back.

  30. Puke Nukem says:

    The new design of the emoticons is super disgusting. I have to disable them completely. The Kiss emoticon is looking like a pedophile on the hunt. I can’t stand getting it from my girlfriend.

    Will revert to an older version of skype and will cancel my subscription until the old icons are back. Bravo Skype.

  31. Sarah says:

    Good to see some new ones but the new style means the emoticons have lost their innocence. :(

  32. Moi says:

    This new smiley-design is so divisive. Personally, I think most of them are ugly. The least Skype could do is let users set up in Tools/Options which icon set they want to use.

  33. skype help says:


    We added a poll about new Skype emoticons, please participate, the poll at the top right of the page.

  34. baldezh says:

    I agree with the majority of people here, the new emotions are just AWFUL! They express totally different feelings, in some way they became even offensive. I’m so disappointed with Skype :(

  35. cucu bau says:

    I do want the old smileys as well !

    C`mon microsoft, do you really must spoil everything? I`ll migrate the entire company on google talk and I didn`t even mention all your pushy ads.

  36. Burtz says:

    Can someone put up instructions hot to downgrade to previous version of Skype? I hate these. Looks like something that escaped from Hotmail. Or 1995.

  37. SKY says:

    The new Emoticons are SUPER. The few people that do not like them are whining here. From the other 600 Million who like them you wil never hear. So poll??? Bwah

  38. Cattü says:

    I tried version 5.5 but after I saw those emoticons I changed back to 5.3 ASAP… I like the new bear and the lalala emoticon, facepalm is also quite nice, but other than that the new smilies are worse than the old ones.
    I wouldn’t mind that much if they’d move faster, but the animation is so slow which makes them even more unpleasant.

  39. Sam says:

    Horrible horrible smileys. PLEASE skype keep the old ones.

  40. snowboy says:

    I love the new icons ! Better than previous !

  41. Arnold says:

    I have been using skype for 6 years. Never have I been so disappointed in my favourite communication software. The new v5.5 smileys are terrible! I can not express my disagreement in such a short text!

  42. Iawor says:

    To make the developers life easier i will suggest to add emoteicons packets so we can chose to use either old ones or new ones.. and make in the old ones the newest code smilies.. i totally agree! The newest smilies are horrible… fire the designer.. im sorry about the colleague that im talking like that for him, im a newbie designer but.. this… i was totally shocked when i saw them..

  43. Zero says:

    Let’s be fair. Some of the new emotes are bad (the :) one has a soul-piercing stare), but for example, :p and ;) are much, much better than the old ones were. And calling for firing the designer is way over the top; whoever they are, they did a decent job.
    That being said, the new login screen made me think I went back in time to the late 90′s.

  44. Chavo says:

    Very ugly emoticons. It’s so pitty, Microsoft bought SKYPE and now are going to ruin what was the best messenger. Like everything they make is ugly and buggy

  45. *-* says:

    New emoticons are disgusting! Never thought that a little animation could be so repulsive!
    I agree with everything said above, they look like pervs and sex offenders and what’s with bags under their eyes?? Did they not sleep between 2 skype versions? Awful://
    CHANGE them back,Plz.

  46. Martin says:

    New smiles are ugly

  47. James says:

    Skype 5.5 – (IN MOVIE TRAILER VOICE) “when paedo’s finally got to vote, they destroyed skype’s innocence” Doc and Marty travelled back in time to 5.4 or before, to a more innocent time when emoticons would not attack your young daughters at night”

  48. Peter says:

    The new emoticons are horrible.
    The old ones were simple but had the ability to really communicate the proper expression. Most of the new ones are just plain creepy.

  49. Kei says:

    New smileys are HORRIBLE! I used to love the old ones, so funny and sweet. uninstalling new version and downloading old one.

  50. Alexander says:

    Skype old and nice amoticons were simply GENIOUS. New emoticons are ugly, I can’t stand tham longer than 2 days. When I downgrade Skype it keeps updating. Please give us back old lovely emoticons.

    At lease if you like these shitty smileys put the option to Skype to have possibility switch between old and new.

  51. skype help says:


    Result of the vote it’s clear, the majority believes that new skype emoticons it’s bad and unloved.

    • Dazzleme says:

      Some of the new ones are ok, but the smileys themselves just look wrong, their mouths are too wide or something. And as for the Devil.. sheesh.. talk about scary!! Please change the majority of them back.

  52. ely says:

    some of the new emoticons are better than the old ones (very few), but the majority are just so lost its charm..
    we should be able to choose which ones we want to use !

  53. Anne-Sophie says:

    I’m Going blind, it’s just ugly.

    I am in France, all my friends hate it too. I agree with the possibility of switching.

    Skype is loosing it soul :(

  54. red says:

    Those emotions are pathetic, we need old ones back.

  55. Mat says:

    Emoticons serve a very important purpose in written, personal conversations. They allow to make sure that both sides connect the same emotions with the written words. The old Skype smiles were very efficient in doing so. Actually they were the reason why I usually chose Skype over other messengers to write.
    The new emoticons introduce problems especially because theyr look does not transmit the same emotions anymore as the previous ones did. This may lead to misunderstanding between people running different versions, it will displease existing users as the software does not reflect the character anymore they liked, and also it probably will alienate new users as the design is really quite moronic.

  56. Franky says:

    Here are some eastereggs…seems, they´re still working… :-)

  57. Ann says:

    Whew, it’s not only me who is embarrassed by new emoticons. The only one which has improved is (hug). What a fail!

  58. Maris says:

    AAA, hate new smilies – can’t understand who said to you that they look good for new skype release.

    Please make some option so I can switch back to old smilies!!!

  59. steta says:

    wow so many same opinions!
    the new emoticons in 5.5 are really shitty and unsympathetic, please bring back the old ones!
    why do you change all that was good?
    Also, I didnt allow the update and it did it without asking me.
    Before, the smileys were very cute and brought good vibes somehow, not like the affected over-done on ICQ, but now it is the same…

  60. MAGYAR says:

    I second that. They are horrible :(

  61. Rumen says:

    What a big fail skaype… Very, very ugly icons in the new edition… Now I have to search for an older version… shame…

  62. Road Runner says:

    It would be much nicer to provide an option in Settings to be able to choose different smiley styles (including the old ones, of course). User choice is number one in good software design!

    • rekros says:

      Agree with the previous post. Every upgrade of Skype brings only useless crap for me. The new emoticon design is horrible. I won’t use version 5.5 anymore.

  63. Massimo says:

    Please, please,take back the old good emoticons. These are ugly and not representing what meant. ‘Inlove’ looks like a cannabis addict.

  64. Elijah B. says:

    PLEEEEASE RETURN normal smileys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But maybe.. let’s move to GoogleTalk video call service? ~~~

  65. Bogus says:

    The old ones werelike the bubbles rising in the beer. But the cuteness in some of the revised ones is gone now.

    Especially :P which is quite controversial in above discussion. The old one – I could have my kids use it. The new one – my daughter started crying when she saw it, like a horror move mean clown. Not good… scary for kids.

    None of the old ones were scary. They were cute.

  66. Stella says:

    Please, return the old version of emoticons. The new ones are horrible, don’t have any joy to use them. They express totally different emotions.

  67. Swarga says:

    Please change back to the old emoticons! New ones are terrible. With old ones you could send the right message, right emotion.

  68. Disappoint says:

    I tried to submit feedback on skype to tell them how atrocious the new smilies are, but it kept giving me a BS reason: That i wasnt connected to the internet! WTF?

    And yes, PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SMILIES! I liked the cute ones, not these new ugly ones!!!!!!!! ITS SO BAD I am uninstalling skype 5.5, even though it runs much much much better, and reinstalling skype 5.3 JUST so i dont have to look at those awful new smiles!

  69. Kristina says:

    I don`t have 5.5 on my computer yet but i saw new smileys on this page. They are horrible. The old ones are the cutest smileys i have ever seen. So, any news if they are bringing back the old ones? Or do i have to suffer once i update my Skype? Greetings to all old smileys lovers out there!

  70. Greg says:

    BRING BACK THE OLD EMOTICONS!!! They represented more than just a smiley. You could tell a story by using just smiles. These new ones does not represent anything…

  71. mexus says:

    I hate the new icons. The : ) is replaced with a toothpaste commercial…
    Please bring the old once or replace them with BETTER ones.

  72. Jan says:

    …and again Micro$oft knows better than all others what is better, nicer…
    PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD EMOTICONS! The new ones are ugly and don’t express the emotions in the right way. If innovation, then rather add new ones, based on the old set graphic design.
    (just the (bear) is better now, IMHO)

  73. Gino says:

    I like new icons.

  74. Alex says:

    Please do something about the new smilies… they are really really ugly!

  75. kryptorkid says:

    dear developers, please, i’m ready to tape the necessary letters to get back the new emoticons? why not (xinlove) or (xhappy) and (x-everything) to show the old ones for example…? emotes in new version just don’t evoke the cool atmosphere in the old!
    Or is there a way to replace especially a resource file so that the old emoticons are keeped with the new versions? it would be an interesting solution as well

  76. Vasyl says:

    How many replies are required for skype developers to understand that the whole icons design of new skype including emotions is the very their failure.
    Even icons in video chart are vapid! I do not think it’s a good practice to develop new versions the way they force users to bring back to previous ones.
    Please, return old emotions back until you will find more skilled designers.
    But for now I’m going to reinstall previous version of skype and block updates.
    Thank you in advance.

  77. Jebson says:

    I’d say, keep the old ones for historic reasons (maybe triggered by an extra letter)
    – BUT –
    license the rich Yahoo smiley set!
    They’re sweet, numerous and hilarious when animated.
    I especially miss the nailbiting one…

  78. Turbo says:

    The new smileys are terrible, i truly hope that people are reading these comments. If you dont have skype 5.5, dont upgrade. If you do, downgrade. And if youre a programmer or designer, please help microsoft. They really need it by the looks of these smileys.

  79. tomas says:

    I can’t imagine the approving system of new emoticons. How many people saw them and still thought they were good to go? Once again, this is an example of large internet company dictatorship (“We’ll make some horrible changes, and they will have no other option but to use them”). I’m downgrading to the older version and I’ll encourage my friends to do the same, until the old style of emoticons are back.

    Once again, a fine rule: don’t fix what’s working perfect.

    Also, I can’t find the promissed poll anywhere.

  80. bajs says:

    Especially “:P” is completely wrong.

  81. (bandit) says:

    Please revert these hideous new emoticons to the old classics, or at least give us an option to choose the old ones. I am installing 5.3

    Or maybe 3.8.

  82. Batgirl007 says:

    I love these new ones!! And the old ones are still available, you just need to type the names or symbols in brackets. But these new ones are awesome. Don’t take them away! Get with the times people!

  83. Batgirl007 says:

    I think more new ones can be added like laughing my a$$ off (LMAO)

  84. Batgirl007 says:

    If you guys don’t like the new ones, uninstall 5.5 and go back to 5.3! Let the people that actually enjoy the new ones be! If you want to “express the right message” in the meantime, video call the person! Leave the new emoticons alone!

  85. LeDoc says:

    I like the new ones :)

  86. hfkjdshfjd says:

    new emotions suck big time, overall skype is going down the drain, am just waiting for a software to replace it

    • bousak says:

      Give us the option to bring the OLD SMILEYS BACK!!!!!!!
      You Microsoft morons! Dont you understand, that since for years we all expressed our feelings to our beloved ones thru these simple signs, we are emotionally bound to them? BTW it was because I liked the Skype smileys that I dumped the ICQ.

      Give me my smileys back

  87. DrWhodini says:

    We need a new Skype emote just for this page (gal) GET A LIFE!!!

    The new hug no longer looks like a wobbly poo!
    The WFH is useful and fun, facepalm is excellent…. I could go on and on. They are fine and do what they are supposed to do!

    Aaaaaand, last time I looked, they were “Skype emotes” and not a lack of dialysis machines, 3rd world famine or the world’s economic crisis, so they’re a little lower on my ‘things to worry about’ list.

    If you hate them that much guys, write directly to Skype and demand a full refund on your software!!

  88. TheComet says:

    WOW the new smileys suck… Meh, must have been a Gnome 3 developer…

  89. CommissarXiii says:

    You all realize that you’re complaining about emoticons, right? Emoticons.

  90. Ignas says:

    Download Skype 5.3
    Install, never use update, and enjoy nice old smiles :D

  91. Marko2214 says:

    hi, i remember that in some version of skype was World of warcraft logo, but i dont remember the code,or there is no such thing in skype 5.5?……. it was realy cool :)

  92. LeeHere Absent says:

    Where can I find a copy of the animated devil who tilts his head back, shows his teeth and does a kind of muwahahaha thing?

    Thank you.

  93. odabaxok says:

    i’ve stopped using MSN, because it got new smileys…
    i think i’ll stop using skype, because of this also…

  94. L. Alrson says:

    You might or might not like the new ones, but it was NOT Microsoft that made the change. This was planned and done WAY before Microsoft even started the proceedings to buy them.

    So before you go off on Microsoft about changing them, maybe you should rethink your strategy and see that your best chance of changing them is now that Microsoft owns them.

    Start a online petition or something.

  95. SlavKor says:

    Not many of you knows one secret:

    What the Fuck (wtf) – small letter!!!

  96. Karen says:

    I Hate the new emoticons get RID OF THEM! They’re awful. where is the online petition i will sign it immediately

  97. Alvis says:

    I don’t like the new emoticons. They are big and ugly, I don’t like looking at them. The new smiley presents the user as someone with fat lips and blown-out eyes and lips change their view from smiling a bit to smiling a lot. Why? A bit too much animation and huge size really distracts from the text.
    It would be nice to have a possibility to turn on the old icon set. Please.

  98. Blaz says:

    Yes they are really ugly! If Skype put them to avoid using them – they suceed! Only (dance) is ok, the rest is horrible.
    Bring back the old emoticons!!!

  99. Nayan@Howtotechie says:

    Where can i Download New Skype emoticons cheat sheet…

  100. monty says:

    Hello Skype – You’ve got the “:P” emoticons wrong in this new update. By themselves the “:P” characters makes a face as to suggest, “I’m stupid” or “my mistake” or “duuuh”. However now you’ve gone and made it so that the face sticks his tongue out at the other person in the conversation. This has completely reversed the meaning of it’s original intention of these characters, which can make for some very unexpected awkward exchanges in conversation.

    I don’t think it’s skype’s place to change such a long standing convention. Please change it back.

  101. asdf says:

    New emoticons sucks! They are ugly!

  102. ali says:

    as iskam do download skype i emotoconss yeni olsun istim

  103. Nick says:

    Please listen to the majority of the people! Change the emoticons back! The users have the right to decide! After all we are the ones that you should listen and who you work for! We are the users!!!

  104. bmills says:

    What happened to the new hidden emoticons that go with 5.5. I upgraded to 5.6 and can’t use them.

  105. vic says:

    I’ve just updated fro 5.3 to 5.5 on a mac and none of the new emoticons work except (zilmer)! Is it just a PC update or something?

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