Download old version of skype

Download old version of skype
I know that a lot of Skype users did not like the new versions of Skype,the truth is that there are a lot of problems and mistakes in the new versions have not been repaired.

I receive a lot of questions from the users want to download older versions of Skype.

Many ask me where I can download Skype 3.8 or Skype  4.1,now from the following link you can download any version of Skype easily.

Download an older version of Skype from by click here.


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10 Responses to “Download old version of skype”

  1. [...] can download an older version of Skype by clicking here. More information can be found on this link. Bookmark It Posted in Skype [...]

  2. i want to download skype with games and extras says:

    give me a skype that i can play game

  3. peter says:


    see this link to download Skype with Extras to play game on Skype:

  4. robert53waang says:

    I downloaded version 1.28 from your list of links, but when i tried to sign in, it succeeded for about 10 seconds but then was disabled by a dialogue box demanding that i download and install the latest version if i want to continue using skype! I downloaded and (re)installed 5.3 alongside 1.28, to see if i could get around this, but again the dialogue box stopped me. Any suggestions?

  5. Help says:

    So I downloaded version of skype. I should be 2009 year version. So anyways, I started installation butt then I’ve got a window saying “You all ready have latest version”. I hate this new version, I want to get back to old one. What should I do? None of versions work -.-

    • Sarah says:

      I also downloaded the new version (5.5) hated it. The only way to go back to an older version is to go to your control panel and uninstall Skype. Then re install with the version you want.

  6. Rex says:

    I uninstalled Skype in the hope that I could delete an old Skype account and then re-install the program and set up a new account on this computer (Windows 7). Now I can’t access the Skype website. I have tried Chrome and IE. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  7. joseph theeboom says:

    my computor crashed and when i reinstaled it all my skype shows all my contacts are gone and my credit for calling phones also gone ,i cannot find anywere for a answer to my problem can anybody help me ,skype has hundreds of answers to this, and that, but nothing to my problem. joseph.

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