How to update skype?

Skype update

Skype is a software update is very important in order to resolve any problems that may appear in the program, and for better protection of user privacy and security,Skype provides a very easy way to get the latest updates.

For the latest updates on the Skype click the Help menu and select Check for updates.

 - see the picture below -

Skype update

If updates are available, the Skype download updates automatically.

Always try to download Skype from his official website to get the latest version of the program.

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19 Responses to “How to update skype?”

  1. Kari Lehtonen says:

    I checked for updates as advised and there came a text “you already have the latest version”. I know there is newer version. How to act, shall I just download the latest version over the present one?

    Best Regards
    Kari Lehtonen

  2. skype help says:

    Hello Kari,

    This happens when there is simple or part update and not a full update of the version.
    For that we recommend to subscription in our mailing list to be informed of the latest versions of Skype and then downloaded from the links that we provide.

    Currently, the latest update is available from Skype for Windows on this link :


  3. Newton says:

    There is an update which “Check for updates” revealed and downloaded… but nothing happened after the download and I didn’t manage to find an “Update” button anywhere… how do I proceed? My current version is and I heard there is a version

  4. skype help says:

    Hi Newton,

    This is true, I also found this problem.

    The best solution is that you download the full Skype Setup from here and then install it without deleting the previous version.

    • micapa says:

      as I download skype the version is, in my case, for some lucky ones the most recent version is what gives????

    • micapa says:

      Piece! The site you pointed to is the right site for download/update – things are fine & now I’m up-to-date! Thanks!

    • Debbie says:

      When I click on help then check for updates, the words initializing and wait for downloads appear but nothing happens after waiting for hours. What should I do? Also, I can’t see the person I called but she can see me and I can see my little picture on the bottom right of my screen. I have version and she has

  5. Rony says:

    Thank you for the link in the last post, as my Skype wouldn’t update by clicking on “check for updates” button, it said that there is a new version available, I clicked “download”, the window stays for a while, and then just closes by itself and nothing happens, but now. Tnx

  6. micapa says:

    I have the same problem, as I choose update(from 5.3.xx) I was informed that there is a newer version(5.5.xx)how ever nothing happened. Next, I went to skype site and downloaded what was labeled as 5.5 version only to find out that the downloaded version was

  7. Michelle says:

    When I try to update by clicking “download” from my “check for updates” menu item, the window just closes and nothing is updated.

  8. kentosha4 says:

    I’m getting a urgent update msg 4 a particular website but it doesn’t come up n my browser. What do I do ?

  9. Wayne says:

    Ipad app 3.6.97 is not available on App Store

  10. charles says:

    hi, I have old skype, 1.5 or something, and want to update it to 2.8 (only version that will work on my mac) but it says I have to “replace” the old skype, any suggestions?

  11. f.h.b.5445 says:

    i want to update my skype

  12. gay fulgham says:

    my skype keeps poping u[ a window saying “changed application” with options to allow or deny. i always select allow but the window keeps poping up. usually 11-15 times and then it will just pop up randomly. how to i fix?

  13. Sanjay says:

    After downloading Skype Free 5.9 version & after updating following message appears: Failed to get proc address for D3DPERF_Set options (d3d9dll)

  14. Lynn says:

    I am having problems with skype for the first time. I have Windows Vista and a Logitech webcam and everything has worked perfectly for 4 years.. Lately when I want to skype someone, it tells me I do not have a webcam. If I turn off the computer and then restart, skype will be fine for a period and then my video will freeze.

    What can I do?

  15. irene says:

    I already downloaded the new Skype version (5.8) and when I opened the latest version I couldn’t find anything different, and a friend told me that the new version included a new chat emoticon and it was a squirrel but I can’t seem to find it. help?

  16. May Israel says:

    I can’t connect with Skype. And there is no status update available, but I have a strong internet access. Please help!!!

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