How to stop Skype from starting automatically on your computer?

skype startup

If you do not use Skype constantly probably do not want to Skype that works automatically every time you start your computer.

If you want to stop Skype from work automatically with Windows startup, follow these steps :

Open the Skype window and go to the Tools menu and select Options in the bottom of the list as the following picture ..

skype startup windows

Now in the General settings , remove the selection from the front of the option: Start Skype when I start Windows, then press the Save button at the bottom see the following picture ..

Skype start automatically with Windows

Now Skype will not work automatically with Windows, you can start Skype by clicking on the program icon on the desktop or through the Start menu and select Skype.

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20 Responses to “How to stop Skype from starting automatically on your computer?”

  1. BT says:

    Did this many times. Did not work.

    Reinstalled Skype many times. Did not work.

    This happened to only one of my several computers. It is a Gateway, 11.6 inch, running Windows 7 Home Premium.

  2. skype help says:

    Hi BT,

    There is another solution,press the Windows key with the letter R on the keyboard.

    You will see the Run box type the following command msconfig then press Enter.

    You’ll see the System Configuration box,select the Startup tab.

    Now look for Skype in a startup and remove the selection in front of it and then press the OK button.

    Skype will not work with Windows startup anymore.

  3. Bben says:

    NONE of these supposed solutions works!!!
    I will have to remove skype until they fix this.

  4. skype help says:

    Hi Beban,

    Have you tried the solution described in my previous comment?

  5. Lee says:

    Hi, I have tried both solutions described here and neither work. In Skype, the startup tickbox is not ticked. When I go into msconfig, Skype is not listed in the startup tab. Skype still starts up automatically! I am running Windows 7.

    • Mikey says:

      You have skype registry errors. If this doesn’t work reinstall your computer. Get CCleaner, click on registry then find errors, it will find some, then clear them.

  6. skype help says:

    Hi Lee,

    I do not know why not work with you, I’m working on Windows 7 and it’s work with me.

    Anyway,I’ll give you another way ..

    Log off from Skype, then you’ll see the login screen you will find two options the second option “Start Skype when computer starts” uncheck this option and then log on to Skype directly to save the changes.

    I’m sure that this method will work with you.

    Tell me please.


  7. Brian says:

    I have the same problem, and have tried all these options without success. Not only this, but the Skype window opens automatically (on top of other windows) at random intervals when I am logged on, but have closed the window. Looking back at the various forums, people have been compaining about this *since 2005* and receiving pretty much the same confident but ineffective advice. Six years is enough! Skype is off my computer as soon as my credit has expired

  8. Mary says:

    None of these solutions work for me. I installed Skype on my daughter’s computer so she could talk to a family member at another address, but unless I can figure out how to NOT have skype start automatically I am going to get rid of it. What an irritating feature. I know it’s free, but it appears this bug has been around as far back as 2005 (to judge from previous forum discussions) so I don’t think Skype really intends to solve the problem, actually.

  9. Melanie says:

    Same with me. None of the solutions work for me either. Have checked all the boxes to make it not start up but it always does. Takes an age too so really slows down the start up of my computer. I really only want it to start up when I want it too. Very annoying.

  10. Beth says:

    Disabled in skype and in statup programs (msconfig) and still starts itself with windows. I’m sick of it and going to unninstall now!

  11. Kees says:

    same for me,
    Skype turned into a virus which happily can be removed easily.

  12. Wes says:

    This program gets more and more obnoxious by the day. I have tried everything (registry, all the various check boxes) and every few reboots it manages somehow to make its way back.
    Over the last several months I’ve been moving all of my contacts to other services and it’s becoming easier to live without Skype. I will be uninstalling shortly.

  13. Donald Ravey says:

    I have been unable to prevent Skype from starting when I start Windows. I have followed the instructions above MANY MANY times, but after the next boot-up, it is checked again! I have checked in msconfig, WinStartup, and Soluto, and NONE OF THEM SHOWS THAT SKYPE IS SUPPOSED TO AUTOSTART! My objection is based on the fact that when I shut down Windows, Skype continues to run in the background, delaying my shutdown until I click the button to End the process. VERY annoying! I am considering uninstalling Skype on this computer and only using it on my tablet.

  14. Donald Ravey says:

    Oops, I should have mentioned that I’m running Skype under Windows XP.

  15. Paris says:

    The reason this feature is enabled (to Skypes benefit that everyone has SKYPE running even when not in use) is because Skype uses your computer and internet to help route calls all over the globe. So skype is not free. If you pay per MB you are paying through your internet usage and even if you are not it is taking bandwidth away. However though it may be the only way that skype can be kept “free” they should make it clearer to users with what they are getting.

    My recommendation, uninstall skype when you dont need it and install it when you do.

  16. I have recently brought a new computor, when trying to make a skype call on it i find that the sound is so low i cannot hear, also that the person i am calling cannot hear me. the sound on the computor for all other things is fine. this is a 64 bit computor i dont know if that would make any difference.

  17. Jayseer says:

    Or use
    1. Open Windows Start Menu and click on run.
    2. RUN
    3. type in “msconfig”
    4. In start up bar un click skype.


    the see if it works

    anyway this is for windows pc i dunno in mac

  18. John Ferguson says:

    Tried everything to stop Skype starting from unchecking the box, MSconfig, uninstalling and reverting to previous version. Unloading all skype mentions in Registry and reinstalling unticking UnP&P everything I can think of and still it starts itself up (Win 7 64Bit) Finally decided the only solution was to remove it altogether and use Logitech’s Vid programme instead. I absolutlely hate the way this company makes my life difficult.

  19. Ian says:

    Same here – no entry in msconfig, everything unchecked in the options, still loads itself at every boot up.

    This pile of crap is supposed to be the replacement for MSN?

    Uninstalling the pile of junk.

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