7 Responses to “How to delete a Skype Name from the login screen?”

  1. Shashi says:

    I tried to delete my skype name on ogin screen ans succesfully deleted the folder but my name is still there as I open skype. Kindly guide me

  2. skype help says:


    Try delete temporary files for the browser you are using.

  3. f.shiney says:

    i tried bt the folder could’nt delete it giving an error that bistats.db-journal cannot be deleted what should i do now

  4. famay says:

    i tried it and it got removed in just 5 minutes thank you so much :)

  5. sudubosi says:

    Thank you very much. very helpfull.

  6. kaur says:

    hi, i followed through the given steps, however i could not even delete my files.. also, my login in name still remained. please could you give an alternative, or identify what i have been doing wrong.
    much appreciated

  7. required says:

    Instead of removing the whole folder, just delete the file config.xml from the folder with the name you want to remove from the dropdown list on the input screen.

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