How to change text size in Skype?

change text size in Skype

By default the size of the font in text chat in Skype is very small,but you can change the size and font type in skype easily.

To change the font size in Skype Open Skype window and go to the Tools menu and select Options,see the picture below ..

change text size in Skype
Now press IM & SMS button at the left of the window , click on the button IM appearnce ,now in the right window Click on change font button.

Select the font size and type of font you want and then press the OK button ,then press save button.

See the picture below ..

change text size in Skype

Click on image to enlarge

Will change the font size in text chat in skype.

 That’s all.

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5 Responses to “How to change text size in Skype?”

  1. randal says:

    For an upgraded Skype User Guide, please go to:

  2. youngwt says:

    This fix only work for IM. However, the font is too small in entire operating window of Skype version-5. Please fix this very annoying problem.

  3. Radu says:

    On Skype version for IPAD2 there is no possibility to increase the fonts!

  4. Radu says:

    The font size of the contacts is impossible to change. Only the font size in the chat windows. Version 3.6.218

  5. cycleboy1957 says:

    I’m running Opera on Linux and my Skype looks nothing like the one shows here. Can’t find a Tools menu anywhere.

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