27 Responses to “Forgotten your Skype password or Skype name?”

  1. wahwahoo1 says:

    forgot skype password

  2. letizia says:

    ho dimenticato il login e la password

  3. gizea.amsalu says:

    i’m forget my skype passward pls
    help me

  4. mona says:

    i forget my skype password for mona_rizk86

  5. tousif says:

    this is to inform you that i have forgot my skype id.i need u to help me out with my problem asap.thank you.

  6. oshmi says:

    i did not understand.i forgot my skype password

  7. this is to inform you that i have forgot my skype id.i need u to help me out with my problem.
    asap.thank you.

  8. shafa says:

    hey..skype is blocked in this area…so i need u to find out..i forgot my password

  9. Kidist says:

    Kindly help me of getting my passward to be able using it in my iphone

  10. Kidist says:

    Help me with getting back ma passward

  11. Natalia says:


    I have forgotten the password to access to my Skype account and I really need to access for work reasons.

    The link “Problems signing in?” does not work. My username is natalia_oh.


  12. May says:

    pls help me retrieve my password

  13. Pat Jones says:

    I’ve forgotten my password please send to email. My name was waterfordprez.

  14. DEEPAK SONI says:

    i’m forget my skype passward pls
    help me

  15. Martha Jay says:

    I forgot my password. Plz help.

  16. AKOFA67 says:

    I have forgotten my skype password, I sent request more than ten times without reply.

  17. haqappa says:

    i’m forget my skype passward pls

  18. zuhair says:

    i forget my pasword

  19. radhakriahna7772 says:

    i forget my skype password pls help me

  20. Ashfaq says:

    I forget my skype ID and Password..please Help me soon

  21. Michael says:

    My account was hijacked. They changed email and password. The recovery screen requires me to enter when month/year when I started this Skype account. There is no way to remember it. It probably was 5 to 6 years ago. Also I have to may different people whom I connected to, but they all have complicated nick names. I cannot remember them. I wish I can call tech support and request to resent my password.

    Please help!

    Thank you

  22. TMDS prashant tak says:

    hloo i forget my id or my on sykpe so i wantn to recover my account plz help me……

  23. robert maenza says:

    I forgot my password please help

  24. skype help says:

    If you forget your Skype password or Skype name, please click on the following link:

  25. Lourdesramos says:

    I accidental delete one of my contacts what I do to taken back

  26. skype help says:

    Simply add it again, you can search for his name in the Skype will find it easily.

    Also see that :

    try to open the skype main box … and at the top, click on VIEW and then click on INSTANT MESSAGES … and a list of every single person you ever chatted with will be listed.

    From there, all you have to do is right click on that name and select ADD TO CONTACTS … This is useful for finding/reading conversations you had with people weeks or months ago you were never on your contact list.

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